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Nuttada panpradist, phd

university of washington

leading and collaborating with multidisciplinary  

teams to overcome barriers in diagnostics

in and outside labs


Mentoring and teaching the next generation

of scientists and engineers from diverse backgrounds

advocating for equity in careers

and technical education

Photo credit: Mark Stone, University of Washington
Photo credit: Mark Stone, University of Washington
​Introduction/ Enjoy welcoming refreshments
Nuttada Panpradist's Thesis Proposal Talk
OLA-Simple Technologies
Closed door session / Poster Presentation Session
Science/ Social Activity, 1st floor lobby 
OLA-Simple undergraduate student researchers 
Nuttada's Exam Result Announcement 
Relaxing/ Eating continues, 1st floor lobby
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I am a post-doctoral research fellow collaborating with Dr. Grace John-Stewart at the Global WACh in the Department of Global Health (DGH) at the University of Washington. Outside the DGH, I collaborate with the Lutz lab at UW Bioengineering, the Molecular Information Systems (MISL) lab at UW Computer Science Engineering, and the UW Center for Environmental Forensic Science (CEFS).

I hold several international positions: a Research Officer position at the Kenyan Ministry of Health and a Faculty Lecturer position at the Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences at Chiang Mai University in Thailand. Additionally, I serve as an External Faculty for the Master's Program in Forest Biology at Kasetsart University in Thailand. 

I am a 2022 UW/Fred Hutch CFAR New Investigator Awardee, a 2022 SEATRAC New Investigator Awardee, a 2022 Thrasher Research Fund Early Career Awardee, a 2022 and a 2023 UW ITHS Early Investigator Catalyst Awardee, and a member of the 2022 UW CoMotion RAISE cohort, which partners with WellAcademic. I am a PI and the initiator of
a project funded by the 2022 UW Population Health grant.
Profile article by UW College of Engineering
Global research impact: BioE grad student seeks to develop instrument-free diagnostic device to detect HIV infection and drug resistance
Profile article by UW School of Public Health
First bioengineering student who completed the certificate in Global Health for women, adolescent, and children
Profile article by UW Bioengineering
New Ph.D. grad Nuttada Panpradist ready for next challenge: faculty position
Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 8.57.09 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 8.59.34 PM.png
12/16/22 Thrasher Research Fund
Dr. Nuttada Panpradist was awarded a 2022 Thrasher Early Career Award to support her proposal titled development of a point-of-care wearable device for congenital cytomegalovirus screening in newborns
12/15/22 Associated Medical Sciences at Chiang Mai University 
Dr. Nuttada Panpradist from University of Washington has accepted a position of 
Faculty Lecturer (in-kind) at Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences at Chiang Mai University
12/06/22 UW Population Health Initiative announces award of five autumn quarter 2022 Tier 2 pilot research grants
12/05/22 Seattle Tuberculosis Research Advancement (SEATRAC) 
Dr. Nuttada Panpradist received the New Investigator Award from SEATRAC on the proposal titled laboratory-developed assay for tuberculosis drug resistance detection in Kenya
12/05/22 UW/Fred Hutch CFAR 2022 New Investigator Award - Recipient Profiles
06/24/22 Youth Global Health Innovation Conference Invited Speaker
02/28/22 UW Daily UW opens new center for environmental forensic science
01/25/22 Q13Fox news UW researchers develop fast, highly-accurate COVID-19 test
06/21/21 UW BioE news BioE members win teaching, staff, student research awards
11/16/20 UW College of Engineering A culture of collaboration
08/28/19 North Seattle College Alumna Nuttada Panpradist '13, Biomedical Engineer & HIV Researcher
05/21/18 UW Foster blog Innovation Smorgasbord: seen, heard and tasted at the UW Business Plan Competition
06/01/18 UW BioE news A-Alpha Bio, Nanodropper, OLA Simple finish strong, win $32,500 at 2018 UW Business Plan Competition
03/02/18 GeekWire Student entrepreneurs tackle genetic testing, clinical trials at health startup competition
05/20/18 UW BioE news Robyn Langevin, Solomon Muche, Caleb Perez, Nuttada Panpradist and Ty Youngblood selected for Husky 100 Class of 2018
12/06/17 UW BioE news Nuttada Panpradist presents OLA-SIMPLE HIV drug resistance test in South Africa
07/14/17 UW BioE news Nuttada Panpradist receives Graduate Discovery Fellowship
02/27/17 King5 news UW student wins coveted grant to develop HIV rapid test
10/13/16 UW BioE news Nuttada Panpradist wins $50,000 Third Place APF Student Technology Prize for Primary Healthcare
05/19/16 UW BioE news Wendy Thomas and Nuttada Panpradist receive 2016 UW Undergraduate Research Mentor Awards
06/01/15 UW BioE news 2015 BioE Awards Recipient Profiles: Suzie Pun, Nuttada Panpradist, Ted Chen and Colleen Irvin
Photo credit: Dennis R Wise (2023) & Mark Stone (2018), University of Washington 
EDucation and training
Bachelor of Engineering
Petrochemicals and Polymeric Materials
Silpakorn University, Thailand
Certificate in Pharmacy Technician
Pima Medical Institute
Washington, USA
Certificate in Nanotechnology
Seattle's Industry-driven Nanotechnology Education
Washington, USA
Predoctoral Research Visiting Scholar
Stanford University
California, USA
Certificate in Global Health in Women Adolescents and Children (Global WACh)
Washington, USA
Ph.D. Bioengineering
Washington, USA

2022 UW Graduate School Gonfaloneier

I was selected as the banner carrier to represent the UW graduate school. This position is called gonfalonier. I led the procession of the PhDs from different departments into the stadium during the commencement. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-11 at 6.30.53 PM.png

2022 UW Bioengineering Doctoral Speaker 

I represented the 2022 Ph.D. student cohort at the departmental commencement. I gave a speech, sharing my reflections on my journey to bioengineering and the lessons learned.

Subtitles both in English and Thai are available.

Screen Shot 2022-06-12 at 6.51.16 AM.png
26) Inexpensive workflow for simultaneous monitoring of HIV viral load and detection of SARS-CoV-2 infection (Analyst 2022) 
Gaurav* K Gulati, Nuttada* Panpradist, Samuel W A Stewart, Ingrid A Beck, Ceejay Boyce, Amy Oreskovic, Claudia García-Morales, Santiago Avila-Ríos, Peter D Han, Gustavo Reyes-Terán, Lea M Starita, Lisa M Frenkel, Barry R Lutz, James J Lai
25) Dying while waiting for a hepatitis B cure?  (Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics 2022)
Gonzague Jourdain, Nuttada Panpradist
24) Evaluation of operational characteristics and performance of HIV rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs): Systematic review and meta-analysis of the literature from 2012 to 2020 (medRxiv)
Leonard Kingwara, Nancy Njebungei Bowen, Nuttada Panpradist, Peter Lokamar, Vera Onwonga Morangi, Rukia Sarah Madada, Emmanuel Nyakeriga, Christabel Awuor, Jonah Onentia Magare, Sarah Masyuko, Rose Wafula, John Ndemi Kiiru
23) Low-frequency pretreatment HIV drug-resistance: effects on 2-year outcome of first-line efavirenz-based antiretroviral therapy (AIDS 2022)
Ross S Milne, Ingrid A Beck, Molly Levine, Isaac So, Nina Andersen, Wenjie Deng, Nuttada Panpradist, James Kingoo, Catherine Kiptinness, Nelly Yatich, James N Kiarie, Samah R Sakr, Michael H Chung, Lisa M Frenkel
22) Multiplex Target-Redundant RT-LAMP for Robust Detection of SARS-CoV-2 Using Fluorescent Universal Displacement Probes (Microbiology Spectrum 2022) Enos C Kline, Nuttada Panpradist, Ian T Hull, Qin Wang, Amy K Oreskovic, Peter D Han, Lea M Starita, Barry R Lutz
21) Aptamer sandwich lateral flow assay (AptaFlow) for antibody-free SARS-CoV-2 detection (Analytical Chemistry 2022) 
Lucy Yang, Nataly Kacherovsky, Nuttada Panpradist, Ruixuan Wan, Joey Liang, Bo Zhang, Stephen Salipante, Barry Lutz, Suzie Pun
20) Multivalent designed proteins protect against SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern (Science Translational Medicine 2022)
Andrew Hunt, James B Case, Young-Jun Park, Longxing Cao, Kejia Wu, Alexandra C Walls, Zhuoming Liu, Jone E Bowen, Hsien-Wei Yeh, Shally Saini,  Louisa Helms, Yan Ting Zhao, Tien-Ying Hsiang, Tyler N Starr, Inna Goreshnik, KLisa Kozodoy, Lauren Carter, Rashmi Ravichandran, Lydia B Green, Wadim L Matochko, Christy A Thomson, Bastian Vogeli, Antje Kruger, Laura A Vanblargan, Rita E Chen, Baoling Ying, Adam L Baley, Natasha M Kafai, Schott E Boyken, Ajasja Ljubetic, Natasha Edman, George Ueda, Cameron M Chow, Max Johnson, Amin Addetia, Mary-Jane Navarro, Nuttada Panpradist, Machael Gale, JR, Bengamin S Freedman, Jesse D Bloom, Hannele Ruohola-Baker, Sean P.J. Whelan, Lance Stewart, Michael S Diamond, David Beesler, Machael C Jewett, and David Baker
19) Implementation of an interactive mobile application to pilot a rapid assay to detect HIV drug resistance mutations in Kenya (PLOS Global Public Health 2022)
Justin Vrana*, Nuttada Panpradist*, Nikki Higa, Daisy Ko, Parker Ruth, Ruth Kanthula, James J Lai, Yaoyu Yang, Samar R Sakr, Bhavna Chohan, Michael H Chung, Lisa M Frenkel, Barry R Lutz, Eric Klavins, Ingrid A Beck 
18) Passively sensing SARS-CoV-2 RNA in public transit buses (Science of The Total Environment 2022)
Jason S Hoffman, Matthew Hirano, Nuttada Panpradist, Joseph Breda, Parker Ruth, Yuanyi Xu, Jonathan Lester, Bichlien H Nguyen, Luis Ceze, Shwetak N Patel
17) Addition to "Isothermal Amplification with a Target-Mimicking Internal Control and Quantitative Lateral Flow Readout for Rapid HIV Viral Load Testing in Low-Resource Settings" (Analytical Chemistry 2022)
Ian T. Hull, Enos C. Kline, Gaurav K. Gulati, Jack Henry Kotnik, Nuttada Panpradist, Kamal G. Shah, Qin Wang, Lisa Frenkel, James Lai, Joanne Stekler, Barry R. Lutz
16) Isothermal Amplification with a Target-Mimicking Internal Control and Quantitative Lateral Flow Readout for Rapid HIV Viral Load Testing in Low-Resource Settings (Analytical Chemistry 2021)
Ian T. Hull, Enos C. Kline, Gaurav K. Gulati, Jack Henry Kotnik, Nuttada Panpradist, Kamal G. Shah, Qin Wang, Lisa Frenkel, James Lai, Joanne Stekler, Barry R. Lutz
15) Simpler and faster Covid-19 testing: Strategies to streamline SARS-CoV-2 molecular assays (EbioMedicine 2021)
Nuttada Panpradist, Qin Wang, Parker S Ruth, Jack H Kotnik, Amy K Oreskovic, Abraham Miller, Samuel WA Stewart, Justin Vrana, Peter D Han, Ingrid A Beck, Lea M Starita, Lisa M Frenkel, Barry R Lutz
14) Harmony COVID-19: A ready-to-use kit, low-cost detector, and smartphone app for point-of-care SARS-CoV-2 RNA detection (Science Advances 2021)
Nuttada Panpradist, Enos C Kline, Robert G Atkinson, Michael Roller, Qin Wang, Ian T Hull, Jack H Kotnik, Amy K Oreskovic, Crissa Bennett, Daniel Leon, Victoria Lyon, Shane D Gilligan-Steinberg, Peter D Han, Paul K Drain, Lea M Starita, Matthew J Thompson, Barry R Lutz
13) Rapid, Near Point-of-Care Assay for HLA-B*57:01 Genotype Associated with Severe Hypersensitivity Reaction to Abacavir
(AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses 2021)

Jackson J. Wallner, Ingrid A. Beck, Nuttada Panpradist, Parker S Ruth, Humberto Valenzuela-Ponce, Maribel Soto-Nava, Santiago Ávila-Ríos, Barry R. Lutz, Frenkel Lisa M.
12) Diagnosing pulmonary tuberculosis using sequence-specific purification of urine cell-free DNA (Journal of Clinical Microbiology 2021)
Amy Oreskovic, Nuttada Panpradist, Diana Marangu, M William Ngwane, Zanele P Magcaba, Sindiswa Ngcobo, Zinhle Ngcobo, David J Horne, Douglas PK Wilson, Adrienne E Shapiro, Paul K Drain, Barry R Lutz
11) The transcriptional landscape of Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (TC-83) infection (PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 2021)
Zhiyuan Yao, Fabio Zanini, Sathish Kumar, Marwah Karim, Sirle Saul, Nishank Bhalla, Nuttada Panpradist, Avery Muniz, Aarthi Narayanan, Stephen R Quake, Shirit Einav
10) Urine Biomarker Assessment of Infant Adherence to Isoniazid Prophylaxis
(The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal 2021)

Sylvia M LaCourse, Daniel Leon, Nuttada Panpradist, Barbra A Richardson, Elizabeth Maleche-Obimbo, Jerphason Mecha, Daniel Matemo, Jaclyn N Escudero, John Kinuthia, Barry Lutz, Grace John-Stewart
9) Near point-of-care, point-mutation test to detect drug resistance in HIV-1: A validation study in a Mexican cohort (AIDS 2020)
Nuttada Panpradist*, Ingrid A Beck*, Parker S Ruth, Santiago Avila-Rios, Claudia Garcia-Morales, Maribel Soto-Nava, Daniela Tapia-Trejo, Margarita Matias-Florentino, Hector E Paz-Juarez, Silvia Del Arenal-Sanchez, Gustovo Reyes-Teran, Barry R Lutz, Lisa M Frenkel
8) Biomarker assessment of infant adherence to isoniazid prophylaxis in a primary TB infection prevention trial in Kenya (Journal of International AIDS Society 2020)
Sylvia M LaCourse, Daniel Leon, Nuttada Panpradist, Barbra A Richardson, Elizabeth Maleche-Obimbo, Jerphason Mecha, Daniel Matemo, Jaclyn N Escudero, John Kinuthia, Barry Lutz, Grace John-Stewart
7) OLA-Simple: a software-guided HIV-1 drug resistance test for low-resource laboratories (EbioMedicine 2019)
Nuttada Panpradist, Ingrid A Beck, Justin Vrana, Nikki Higa, David McIntyre, Parker S Ruth, Isaac So, Enos C Kline, Ruth Kanthula, Annie Wong-On-Wing, Jonathan Lim, Daisy Ko, Ross Milne, Theresa Rossouw, Ute D Feucht, Michael Chung, Gonzague Jourdain, Nicole Ngo-Giang-Huong, Laddawan Laomanit, Jaime Soria, James Lai, Eric D Klavins, Lisa M Frenkel, Barry R Lutz
6) Sensitive hybridization capture and detection of urine cell-free DNA for tuberculosis diagnosis (Journal of Molecular Diagnostics 2019)
Amy Oreskovic, Nuttada Panpradist, Diana Marangu, Norman D Brault, James J Lai, David J Horner, Barry R Lutz
5) Analytical comparison of methods for extraction of short cell-free DNA from urine (Journal of Molecular Diagnostics 2019)
Amy Oreskovic, Norman D Brault, Nuttada Panpradist, James J Lai, Barry R Lutz
4) Current status of point-of-care testing for human immunodeficiency virus drug resistance (Journal of Infectious Diseases 2017)
Horacio A Duarte, Nuttada Panpradist, Ingrid A Beck, Barry Lutz, James Lai, Ruth M Kanthula, Rami Kantor, Anubhav Tripathi, Shanmugam Saravanan, Iain J MacLeod, Michael H Chung, Guoqing Zhang, Chunfu Yang, Lisa M Frenkel
3) Simplified paper format for detecting HIV drug resistance in clinical specimens by oligonucleotide ligation (PLoS One 2016)
Nuttada Panpradist, Ingrid A Beck, Michael H Chung, James N Kiarie, Lisa M Frenkel, Barry R Lutz
2)Point-of-care diagnostics (Biomaterials Nanoarchitectonics 2016)
Nuttada Panpradist, James Lai
1) Swab sample transfer for point-of-care diagnostics: characterization of swab types and manual agitation methods (PLoS One 2014)
Nuttada Panpradist, Bhushan J Toley, Xiaohong Zhang, Samantha Byrnes, Joshua R Buser, Janet A Englund, Barry R Lutz
Mary Gates Scholar 

Development of a 3D-printed device and
assay chemistries for tuna identification
student mentees 
28) MATHEA CAOLE (She/Her) (2025 B.S. Bioengineering, Minor Music and Microbiology)
BWB member and WOOF3D member
27) SAMI NYUGEN (She/Her) (2025 B.S. Bioengineering, Minor in Business)
BWB member
26) INYOUNG SEO (He/Him) (2024 B.S. Bioengineering, prospective Minor Microbiology)
25) LESLEY CHAN (She/Her) (2025 B.S. Bioengineering)
Former Math Tutor at Green River College
24) MEGAN VAN MEURS (All pronouns) (2024 B.S. Bioengineering, Minor Applied Math)
Former intern at the Institute for Systems Biology, instructed children ages 7-13 on basic coding, and researched within multiple different programs and labs, including internationally. 
23) DANIEL SHIN (He/Him) (2023 B.S. Bioengineering, Minor Bioethics and Entreuprenureship)
Outside of academics, Daniel is passionate about the outdoors, skiing, and playing the cello! Daniel holds a strong background in management and leadership skills. He hopes to fully live my one chance at life by making a positive impact on everyone that he meets.
22) ELLIE BAGLEY (She/Her) (2023 B.S. Bioengineering)
Family health struggles and personal experience with athletic injuries sparked her passion for engineering and healthcare. Ellie is driven to use her Bioengineering degree to develop life-changing technology and the means to provide access to it for all communities.
  • YouTube
21) MEHER GREWAL (She/Her) (2025 Interlake High School: International Baccalaureate Program)
Mental Health Matters Trainee, TEDxOlympiaHighSchool, Founder of Worth a Shot Youth Aware Magazine 
20) LUIZ MARTINS (He/Him) (2023 Henry M. Jackson High School)
Head of Operations for Worth A Shot Youth Aware Magazine 
19) XUANCHANG HU (He/Him) (2024 B.Eng. Electrical and Computer Engineering)
18) STEPHEN MACRIS (He/Him) (2024 B.Eng. Electrical and Computer Engineering)
17) NARA CHEN (She/Her) (2025 Lakeside High School, Seattle)
Medical Science Club Co-Leader, Trained hunter horse rider
16) SOPHIA REYES LOPEZ (She/Her) (2024 Lakeside High School, Seattle)
Medical Science Club Co-Leader
15) ANNIKA SAHOTA (She/Her) (2022 M.S. Applied Bioengineering; Cert. Global WACh
2021 B.S. Microbiology, B.A. Biochemistry; Minors in Human Rights and Computational Neuroengineering)

Aspiring physician; RA for Mental Health Matters
14) BRIAN TRAN (He/Him) (2022 B.S. Bioengineering)
13) KYLA YAMASHITA (She/Her) (2022 B.S. Bioengineering, Minor Global Health)

Members of Society of Women Engineers, UW WashPIRG, Director of Communications Timmy Global Health x UW

12) RIA SONIGRA (She/Her) (2023 B.Eng (Honors)/M.Eng. Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology) Summer Intern from the Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University)
11) KENNETH RUSLIM (He/Him) (2023 B.S. Electrical Engineering, Minor Data Science)
UW Formula One Team Member, Current: An Intern at Honda in Ohio
  • YouTube
10) ANASTASIA KIM (They/She) (2023 B.S. Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, Minor GWSS (Gender, Women & Sexualities Studies)
Korea International Women's Invention Exposition 2018 Gold Medal. MIP Player of the Tournament 2018 Soccer Varsity Striker & Midfielder, 2022 Mary Gates Research Scholar
8) BETELHEM YOHANNES (She/her) (2018 B.S. Bioengineering, co-mentor with Dr. James Lai) 2015 Mary Gates Research Scholar, 2016 William P. and Ruth Gerberding/Early Identification Program Scholar. Current: a medical student at UW.

7) ANNAPURNI SRIRAM (She/her) (2018 B.S. Bioengineering)

2017 Mary Gates Research Scholar, 2017 President of UW Biomedical Engineering Society.

Current: a medical student at Pittsburg University.

6) JONATHAN LIM (He/Him) (2018 B.S. Bioengineering, co-mentor with Amy Oreskovic)

2017 Mary Gates Research Scholar. Current Engineer II at Bristol-Myers Squibb.

5) DAVID MCINTYRE (He/Him) (2018 B.S. Bioengineering)

2016 Mary Gates Research Scholar, 2016 President of UW Engineering Without Border, 2017 Husky 100, 2017 Member of UW Engineering Without Border. Current: a Ph.D. Candidate at Boston University.


(Intern from M.S. Mechanical Engineering Program at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand).

Current a Ph.D. and now a Post-doc at Griffin University in Australia

3) ANNIE WONG-ON-WING (She/Her) (2017 B.S. Chemistry and Biochemistry)

2016 Mary Gates Research Scholar, ACS Certified, Current: an MD from UW, residency at UCSD

2) NIKKI HIGA (She/Her) (2017 B.S. Bioengineering)

2015 Mary Gates Research Scholar, Current: Ph.D. Candidate at USC

1) IAN ANDREWS (He/Him) (2016 B.S. Bioengineering) 

2014 Mary Gates Research Scholar, 2015 President of UW Biomedical Engineering Society, 2016 Husky 100. Current: a Ph.D. Biological Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology


3) Jordan Campbell (He/Him) 

2) Samuel W A Stewart (He/Him) - Now a Medical Student

1) Isaac So (He/Him) - Now a Dentist

Ongoing projects

Human-in-the-loop Aquarium enabled COVID-19 testing

Collaborators: Dr. Eric Klavins (UW Electrical Engineering), Dr. Steve Haase (Dept of Biology at Duke University)

Feasibility testing of SARS-CoV-2 detection using lyophilized RT-PCR reagents in a laboratory in Zimbabwe

Collaborators: Dr. Justen Manasa and Dr. Vinie Kouamou (University of Zimbabwe)

Feasibility testing of SARS-CoV-2 lyophilized RT-PCR reagents at a pediatric clinic at Georgetown University

Collaborators: Dr. Ruth Kanthula (Georgetown Hospital Pediatric Clinic)

COVID-UP – Outwitting the next COVID-19 testing bottleneck: User adoption of home-based testing

Collaborators: Dr. Matthew Thompson (UW Family Medicine)

V-OLA – an HIV viral load test with a reflexed drug resistance test

Collaborators: Dr. Lisa Frenkel (Seattle Children's Research Institute)

SARS-CoV-2 typing: Fast and simple assay to differentiate COVID-19 variants.

Collaborators: Dr. Anton Pozniak (UK , The President of International AIDS Society), Dr. Santiago Avila-Rios, Dr. Celia Boukadida (CIENI/INER Mexico), Dr. Ricardo Diaz (Brazil), Dr. Natalia Mantovani (Brazil), Dr. Keith Jerome, Dr. Pavitra Roychoudhury (Fred Hutch), Dr. Benjamin Chimakangara (US NIH), Dr. Benjamin Pinsky (Stanford University), Dr. Paul Yager (UW BioE)

Development of novel methods to classify and assign fish populations for conservation purposes

Collaborators: Dr. Lorenz Hauser (UW Fisheries), Dr. Karl Boringer (UW EE/BioE), Dr. Ingrid Spies (NOAA), Dr. Mansour Samadpour and Dr. Youngsil Ha (IEH Laboratories and Consulting Group)

* Projects I initiated and/or managed collaborations independently.


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